Joanna Marshall – English Tutor

I am an experienced and Ofsted ‘outstanding’ rated English teacher providing one-to-one tuition in Bath for children aged from 6-16 years old (Key Stages 1,2,3 and 4) in English Language and Literature.

I am warm, approachable and upbeat and have a good understanding of how children learn. I am experienced in working with children with a wide range of different needs and from different backgrounds including children with English as a second language.

For the past eight years I have been providing tuition for pupils at all levels and have specifically tutored pupils for GCSE and Common Entrance exams for schools including Beechen Cliff, King Edward’s School, Prior Park, Kingswood, St Mark’s, Hardenhuish School, St Gregory’s and Millfield Scool. In London, schools included Westminster Under, Millfield, Colet Court and City of London School.

Animal Imagery in Of Mice and Men

How are animals and animal imagery used in Of Mice and Men?

Steinbeck uses a lot of animal imagery and symbolism in his novel. In particular, the character and physical strength of Lennie is often portrayed through the use of animal imagery. Have a look at these quotes and think about how you could use them in an essay

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Joanna’s pragmatic and up-beat manner has had a profoundly positive impact on the pupils she has taught. Her teaching methods and ‘can do’ philosophy have proven to be second to none… Joanna consistently demonstrates a quietly determined, rigorous approach and has finely tuned a comprehensive grasp of how children learn.

Mr D. Sellens,

Headmaster, Thomas Jones School, London

Sarah recently got awarded an A* for her English Speaking GCSE exam and will be writing to you personally to thank you for helping her to achieve this grade. We both agree that she was able to get this grade as result of your inspiring classes and the high expectations that you had of her. You have boosted both her confidence and her grades. Thank you.

Mr J. ,



Apostrophes for Contraction This is where we shorten two words and join them using an apostrophe e.g. can not = can’t. She is = she’s. See if you can shorten the words below, using an apostrophe: can not = should not = did not = would not = will not = Apostrophes for... read more

Thank you very much for tutoring Arnaud. I truly think you made a big difference in his learning curve. Your patience and your ability to immediately spot the ‘weak link’ in his work allowed him to make a lot of progress rapidly. I don’t know how you managed but Arnaud was always looking forward to his lessons with you! Your calmness and lovely character helped me not to get stressed about this terrifying exam progress.

Mrs R,


Thank you so much for working with our daughter on revision for her GCSE Drama and English. She really enjoyed the lessons and now has a much better understanding of the set books and plays. As our daughter is dyslexic your techniques for remembering the information and planning out essays were very constructive. The lessons were concentrated and ‘full on’; but you were patient and encouraging throughout, so that she has got a real confidence boost from these sessions.

Mrs Littler,



There are some great websites that you can use with your child to practise phonics. I have used these sites with really young children and have found that they’ve really helped them to make progress.... read more

Joanna has been with our family for over 6 years, and thanks to her our 3 boys have made enormous progress in English/Grammar. She is an excellent prep and pre-prep teacher, capable of introducing and observing the study discipline and setting up a clear routine of the classes. Our trilingual boys  quickly progressed to great results in writing, comprehension and reading (just to mention that the youngest ones started reading at the age of 3 yrs and writing at about the same age). We have never had issues with the boys’ discipline during the classes – they greatly  respected Joanna and fulfilled all the instructions, despite their boisterous nature.

Ellina Volkova,


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