I provide English Language and Literature tuition for pupils in Bath at Key Stages 1,2,3 and 4 as well as specific tuition in exam preparation for Common Entrance and GCSE.

11 and 13+ Common Entrance/Entrance Assessments

The 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance examinations are used to assess pupils for entry to independent schools. Students sit the 11+ exam when they are in Year 6 and the 13+ exam when they are in Year 8. I tutor many pupils for the King Edward School and Prior Park School 11+ exams. I have also tutored pupils for both exams who have gone on to attend London schools including Westminster, City of London School and Godolphin and Latimer.


Pupils currently studying for GCSE or iGCSE will be studying a wide range of texts which can often seem overwhelming, particularly if a student is not predisposed to a love of literature! I can provide fun and stimulating classes designed to get the student fully engaged with set texts and unseen prose and poetry as well as practising English Language skills and preparing throughly for the Language papers . I currently tutor students who are sitting exams for a range of exam boards including AQA, WJEC, Cambridge iGCSE and Edexcel iGCSE.

KS1 Phonics, Reading and Writing

This is such a young age for children to be having extra support with their work and there is a thin line between working a pupil hard and putting unhealthy pressure on them that could shake their confidence. I think it is vital to keep learning fun for children at this stage whilst at the same time instilling in them the confidence they need to work independently. I keep lessons varied and fun.


I work with many pupils at this level, including those with dyslexia and children with confidence issues. I often hear that a child’s confidence has increased significantly in the classroom, just from having a few one-to-one sessions. During the sessions, children get the opportunity not only to voice concerns they might have at school but importantly, to realise their potential and to feel confident about themselves. I am familiar with SATS exams too and can provide support for this if needed.


I also work with many pupils in Key Stage 3 and provide interesting and fun lessons for students with a variety of needs. Some pupils are of high ability and need that extra push to help them reach the top marks they might be aiming for, while some might have dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties or may have simply fallen behind.


I have studied teaching for Specific Learning Difficulties and Dyslexia at Bath Spa University.

English as a Second Language

Some of the children I teach speak English as a second language. As a result, sometimes a child needs some extra language support alongside general curriculum support in both speaking and writing. I have seen some of my Russian and Italian pupils rise to top of their class in English writing and comprehension.

Home Schooling

I currently home school pupils and am available to teach children who are unable to attend school, as an alternative to school teaching. This might include pupils who have recently moved to the UK, who are in the middle of a school change or those who are unable to attend school due to illness.

General Tuition

I provide general tuition in Language and Literature at all levels.


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