Direct speech – saying exactly what someone said using speech marks. E.g. “I didn’t understand the maths problem.” said Maria. Don’t forget to punctuate before you close the speech marks!

Try these:

1) The rabbit said I can run really fast!

2) What time is it? asked the girl.

3) The old lady asked Would you like some sweets?

4) Johnny said My car is red.

5) I made you a cake said Janet’s Mum.

Indirect speech or reported speech – when we use indirect or reported speech we are usually talking about a time in the past because obviously that person has already spoken!

e.g. Maria said that she didn’t understand the maths problem.


Now try putting these direct speech sentences into indirect speech:

“I can’t afford those new trainers Henry!” explained Dad.

“It’s raining heavily.” remarked Mr Turner.

“I’m feeling quite sick!” groaned Jimmy’s brother after eating too many sweets.

The car mechanic explained, “The engine need fixing Mrs Jones.”

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